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As well as our comprehensive list of outdoor activities we are now offering for 2013 Annual Sailing Memberships And Instructor Apprenticeships

Sailing Memberships:

If you're thinking of taking up Sailing as a regular hobby but have heard horror stories of the expense of boat ownership, storage costs, insurance, maintenance and membership fees, then a sailing membership with Legend Sailing is just the ticket for you!

Annually renewable in December or January at a cost of £250 for the year! Your Sailing Membership will allow you to sail any one of our fleet of 2 Soling Keelboats, 4 Wayfarer Dinghies, 2 Laser Fun Trapeze Dinghies or our Drascombe Longboat on upto 20 occassions with no hidden costs or charges! All we do ask is that after your first three sails you bring your own bouyancy aids and wetsuits if necessary and that you are able to rig and de-rig by yourselves.

If your thinking of buying the membership for a friend but are not sure whether they are sufficiently confident to take advantage of it, then why not add on one of our activity gift vouchers which can be used towards the cost of a sailing course to bring them up to speed.

Contact Andy on 07943 612 649 if you require further information or wish to buy a membership.

Activity Gift Vouchers are Now available For Christmas!

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